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The Best Exercises for a Complete Back Workout

Strengthening your back improves your athletic abilities, refines your silhouette, or quite simply prevents back pain. Here are some tips to follow to strengthen your entire back.

Choose the right sports to strengthen your back

To strengthen your back, it is first necessary to choose the right sports, those which will allow a harmonious and above all complete development of all the muscles. Swimming and climbing are the key disciplines for ensuring a solid, muscular back without risk of trauma. Activities like tennis, on the other hand, put a lot of strain on the spine. Such a practice must therefore be accompanied by physical maintenance and regular stretching, otherwise there will be recurrent back pain.

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Push-ups, a simple and effective exercise to strengthen the back

In terms of exercise, you can use classics like push-ups. These make the serratus work. Favor a classic position with an opening of the hands at shoulder height.

The adjustable ergonomic device for the back, the reference tool for the back

To strengthen your back in the gym or in your apartment, several devices have been designed for localized and hyper-specialized work according to the muscles. First there is the ergonomic adjustable device for the back. It is adaptable to the size of each. On this machine, the movements are performed with or without a load, depending on whether you are looking for muscle building or simple maintenance.

From rowing to deadlift, many exercises to strengthen your back in the gym

Back exercises can also be done with dumbbells or bars. The row focuses in particular on the latissimus dorsi. Example of exercise: standing position and slightly bent, back horizontal and almost straight, you lift two dumbbells from the ground to the abdominals and chain the climbs and descents. The deadlift also allows a complete development of the muscles of the back. Note that it is also possible to work this part of the body with elastic bands. All of these strength training exercises should be followed by significant stretching sessions to avoid back pain.

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