The 7 best exercises for strengthening your back

By strengthening your back muscles, you minimize the chances of back pain and improve your overall posture. Just like the muscles of the abdominals, those of the back support the spine. There are so many good reasons to strengthen your back that it is better to start now!

Before starting a workout, make sure that the muscles are well warmed up. By activating the main muscles of the back – but also those of the trapezius, shoulders and neck – you can avoid possible injuries.

1. Superman

The superman exercise involves lying on your stomach and gently lifting your arms and legs simultaneously. This exercise is very effective in strengthening the muscles of the lower and middle back. You might also feel a glute twitch.

2. Back rollout

This exercise consists of rolling the ball forward with the palms of the hands and then returning to the initial position. It allows both to strengthen the muscles of the back and the abdominals. Even if fatigue sets in, make sure to keep the core muscles engaged.

3. Good morning

This exercise consists of tilting the upper body forward, so as to form a 90 degree angle with the body. Beginners can start with no weights and then gradually add more. These are all the muscles of the lower back that will strengthen thanks to this simple exercise.

4. Deadlift with dumbbells

The exercise consists of leaning forward, so as to form a 45 degree angle with the body, then pulling the weights towards your navel. It is possible to perform a deadlift with dumbbells, a straight bar or a rubber band supported by the feet.

5. Plank

This exercise consists of getting into a push up position and then lifting the dumbbells alternately towards the chest. Throughout the exercise, make sure that the elbows stay close to the body. This plank is not only used to strengthen the abdominals, it is just as effective for strengthening the back, arms and shoulders.

6. Prone hip extension

This exercise involves lifting your lower back and buttocks as high as possible and then slowly lowering them back down. It is possible to do this using a bench or a ball. In addition to strengthening the lower back, this exercise helps strengthen the buttocks and hamstrings.

7. The cat

This ultimate and last exercise not only stretches the entire spine, but also strengthens the stabilizing muscles of the back. Once on all fours, the exercise of the cat consists of rounding the back then digging it before returning to the initial position.

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