The importance of stretching and muscle strengthening

Stretching and strengthening your muscles are essential in many situations, these can prevent many injuries, improve your flexibility and improve your performance. Depending on your needs, certain muscles should be strengthened rather than stretched and before starting your exercises, it is preferable to practice a light to moderate cardiovascular activity. Here is more on this subject:

Stretching versus muscle strengthening

As for stretches, you should hold them for 30-60 seconds, do 1-2 repetitions and perform them twice a day, morning and evening. The stretch should be comfortable and painless. You should hold the stretch statically, without jerking.

Muscle building will be shown to you more by your chiropractor, depending on your body’s needs. They are to be performed at least 3 times a week, with 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Take 3-5 seconds to perform the movement then 3-5 seconds to return to the initial position. Take a rest between each set.

Ideally you should take a rest day between each workout. Exhale during the movement and inhale when returning to the initial position. To increase the level of difficulty, one can increase the load, the number of repetitions, the number of sets, the frequency, etc. It is important to gradually increase the difficulty, to avoid injury.

If you feel pain when stretching or strengthening your muscles, do not hesitate to seek the advice of Dr Hani Karout.

Moreover, on our site, we have a section with exercise programs for each region of your body with explanatory videos. Do not hesitate to consult them if necessary.

Some benefits of stretching and muscle building

Prevent injuries

Stretching before a sporting activity prepares your muscles and joints to experience tension and create strength. They allow the joints of the body to perform their daily functions without discomfort and reduce muscle tension, stress your body and improve your posture.

Allow better blood circulation

Stretching increases the supply of blood and oxygen to your muscles, so your body benefits from better blood circulation. They also help to secrete serotonin and to feel in a state of well-being. These are exercises that are beneficial for your body, but also for your mind.

Can improve your sleep

Relaxing your muscles by doing exercises that are not harsh on your body in the evening before sleeping can release the tension your body experiences during the day and improve your sleep. On the contrary, stretching in the morning will allow you to activate the blood circulation of your body and wake up your muscles.

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