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Do saunas make you lose weight?

In addition to bringing rest and relaxation, regularly practicing a sauna session brings many benefits to the body. Originally from the Nordic countries, whether indoors or outdoors, the sauna has many virtues to reduce stress and improve blood flow. You are certainly wondering if going into your sauna cabin makes you lose weight, and therefore if it is useful and necessary to perform sessions regularly in order to refine your silhouette and therefore stay healthy.
The virtues of the sauna to lose weight

Eliminate toxins

It is undeniable that the sauna is known and recognized to fight against stress, relax the body and provide a feeling of well-being. If the sauna is recommended for its benefits, it seems that it is also recommended to cleanse your body. Toxins in the body are usually eliminated by the liver and our kidneys.

Thanks to recent studies, it has also been shown that taking a sauna session very regularly facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body in addition to losing water and minerals. Therefore, according to several researchers, the sauna would remove the excess water, due to the very high temperatures. Please note there is no magic recipe, it must be taken into account that a healthy lifestyle always allows you to be in better health and that your sauna, whether infrared or with an electric stove or a wood stove, will always be a complement to help you keep a healthy mind in a healthy body.

What slimming effect for the sauna?

Doing a sauna session will inevitably make you lose water and therefore lose weight. But be careful, drying out the body is not the slimming solution. It is especially important to rehydrate well after a session in your sauna. Indeed, the sauna generally diffusing a dry heat, your body loses water, and so that it can continue to supply your organs it needs water. Thus the slimming effect on the body is more nuanced in the scientific body. In reality, a sauna session has an influence on the calories burned. Indeed, the body is not passive, the heart rate increases, the body works, and is solicited by very high temperatures and therefore allows to eliminate more calories and therefore indirectly have an impact only on losing weight by doing a sauna.
sweat clothes

saunas makes you lose weight

On the market, there are many “sauna suits for weight loss” or “sweating clothes”. The principle of these products is that they do not breathe and therefore eliminate water from the body. All athletes have one day or another used the famous garbage bag to jog. However, it is necessary to adapt the sports session because we necessarily increase the heart rate, the body heat and we eliminate more water than usual. Thus the sensation can be unpleasant for the body and the mind. The sauna has the advantage of being able to allow this sweating and support you in your weight loss in a more natural way.

The sauna, one practice among many others for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, performing sauna sessions regularly will facilitate the elimination of toxins. The ultimate slimming secret remains the combo: healthy and balanced diet, sports sessions and relaxation / recovery in the sauna! There your body will have all the weapons to diet naturally. It is therefore necessary to adopt a holistic approach and readjust one’s way of life. Here, the goal is to have a certain lifestyle. For example, in the same day, you can go to your workplace by bike, eat a salad during your lunch break, and end your day with a sauna session in order to relax.

In conclusion, it would be simplistic to say that the sauna alone allows weight loss. These words are to be qualified, and the sauna must be part of a global approach where the combination of sauna, healthy diet and physical activity will be the key to real weight loss.

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