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Does Drinking Water Help Lose Weight

When it comes to nutrition, drinking plenty of water is as important as the foods on our plates. As part of a weight loss project, we know that water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, accelerates the burning of calories and promotes the elimination of waste and toxins.

We explain to you precisely its role on the body, why it is important to drink water to lose weight and in what quantity.

What are the roles of water in the body?

Water is a vital element. And for good reason, water has many fundamental roles within the body:

  • Make possible all exchanges at the intra and extra cellular level;
  • Transport all substances through the body;
  • Regulate body temperature;
  • Make possible all the metabolic reactions requiring the hydrogen atom;
  • Drain the body;
  • Promote the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.

Drinking water to lose weight: is it effective?
We often hear that drinking water to lose weight is effective. But what is it really?

In reality, it should first be noted that water in itself does not allow you to lose weight. It is certainly a calorie-free food but its ingestion is not enough to lose weight. However, water has other benefits that indirectly promote weight loss and maintain healthy weight.

There are three main reasons why drinking water to lose weight can be a good idea.

Drainage and elimination of toxins

First, drinking enough water drains the body and promotes the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.

However, our current way of life (stress, pollution, junk food) overexposes the body to the production of toxins. The purification organs are saturated more quickly and this has consequences for the entire metabolism:

  • difficulty losing weight;
  • fatigue ;
  • digestive problems;

Drinking water can therefore be of great help in supporting these organs and promoting weight loss.

Fight against water retention

Sufficient hydration helps to fight against the phenomenon of water retention. Phenomenon caused by the retention of water in the cells and which causes an unpleasant swollen appearance.

Also, water retention is often responsible for gaining a few pounds that are difficult to get rid of. Accompanied by a reduction in salt consumption, good hydration can therefore help to overcome water retention.

Regulation of the feeling of hunger

It has been proven that water can have a very interesting appetite suppressant effect as part of a diet. Indeed, drinking a large glass of water activates the mechano-receptors contained in the wall of the stomach and sends a signal of satiety to the brain. If this feeling of satiety is not lasting, it at least makes it possible to fight effectively against cravings and to eat less during and outside the main meals.

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How and when to drink water to lose weight?

Drinking water can have a positive impact on the silhouette, but it is important to follow certain rules to get the maximum benefit.

Don’t wait to be thirsty

You should never wait to be thirsty to drink. Indeed, thirst is an alarm signal that occurs when dehydration has already begun. This means that the organism has already lost part of its capacities. The ideal is therefore to drink small quantities of water every hour and without waiting for the body to demand it.

How many liters of water should you drink a day to lose weight?

The myth of the 1.5 liters of water we should drink every day to be healthy is not scientific. Drink the amount you feel the need (always without waiting to be thirsty). If you are on a diet, force yourself to drink a little more than usual, because the body needs more water.

It is especially important to distribute the water intake over the day and not to drink 1 liter of water at once. In fact, to be well absorbed and assimilated, water must be constantly supplied to the body. Prefer to drink a small glass of water every hour.

A large glass of water before meals

Drinking water before meals to lose weight can be a good idea. Indeed, this makes it possible to deceive hunger and significantly reduce the food intake ingested during the next meal.

Which water to choose to lose weight?

Prefer flat water with low mineral content for your daily consumption. Sparkling waters are often very high in salt and highly mineralized waters can, if consumed every day, upset the body’s mineral balance.

What about lemon water to lose weight?

Drinking lemon water to lose weight is advice often given. Adding lemon juice to water has various benefits: citric acid it contains helps regulate the body’s pH, stimulate the digestive system and the body’s immune defences.

From a slimming point of view, lemon is an excellent ally for stimulating the production of bile and digestive enzymes and facilitating digestion.

By stimulating the liver, it also promotes the elimination of toxins. However, it is not a miracle cure and it should not replace a varied and balanced diet.

Tips for drinking more water every day

Drinking plenty of water every day isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are some tricks that make it easy to increase your daily water intake:

  • Make scented waters by infusing fruit and mint in fresh water;
  • Think of iced teas to enjoy drinking;
  • Tea and coffee also increase daily hydration by 1 to 3 cups maximum;
  • Add lemon juice to the water;
  • Systematically carry a small bottle of water on daily trips;
  • Set an alarm to remember to drink once every hour.

Please note that fruit juices, sodas, syrups or milk cannot replace water and are not equivalent. They are to be consumed in moderation and occasionally.

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