The Truth About The ‘Three-week Rule’

Can you see it there?”, “And like that?” You’ve been waiting for this famous “But wouldn’t you have gone back to sport yourself?” Sport and results: we explain how it works.

  • Returning to sport: how long does it take to see results?
  • When do we see the first effects of sport?
  • But when does it really show?
  • How many times do you have to exercise each week to see effects on the body?
  • Sports and that’s it?

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When do we see the first effects of sport?

When you start or resume the sport, you often wonder after how long it will be seen or at least will be felt. And even if you are already a regular athlete, you may also want to challenge yourself or rediscover yourself with a new sport. Typically, I’m used to sports that put a strain on my cardio and my lower body: running, hiking, fitness… However, at times, I have sudden urges to go swimming ( it comes a bit like cravings for cheese or chocolate), a sport that puts more strain on my upper body. At times like these, I start going to the pool a little more regularly and very quickly, I can’t help but wonder when I’ll finally see one of my biceps point the tip of its nose so I don’t have to struggle to wear it anymore. that damn shopping bag. Yes, it is purely the ego speaking. So what ?

To find out how it happens in our body when we change our level of physical activity, I conducted my little investigation.

Immediate results?

Yes it’s possible. Here, I’m talking about the little endorphin shot during and after your session and that works every time. Are you fussy, tired, nervous, bored, sad, overexcited for and against everything, for everything and nothing at the same time?
A little sport will allow you to find peace, thanks to the endorphins which, secreted during physical activity, give you a feeling of pleasure and well-being. The thing that makes “here, we are good”.

Did you expect me to tell you about the results on your figure, or your “shape” as fitgirls and fitboys say? We will have to wait a bit.

I encourage you first to ask yourself the right questions: How is my body doing? (like really?) My mood? My energy? My sleep ? My appetite?

Because yes, after the good dose of relaxation (and before sore buttocks or abs), often comes the stimulation of appetite and sleep.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I always find that my meals after a workout have a special flavor. Not because I see them as the reward for burning so many calories (we try to keep that idea away from us), but rather because I feel that my body is really hungry, that it really needs this energy and is happy to recharge. Yes, I am one of those people who romanticize their lives a little (too much?) But back to my plate after the session. Instinctively, I often want more to turn to food that will be good for my body and that does not mean less greedy, huh! On the contrary even. Rather home-cooked things, with real food, real flavors, textures…

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Is it the same for bodybuilding?

For concrete muscle results, you will have to be a little more patient and rather count between 4 to 6 months.

Also, remember that it is the regularity that counts. A toned, fit, but above all healthy body is a body that has fully integrated physical activity into its lifestyle.

How many times do you have to exercise each week to see effects on the body? 3 times ?

The best advice I can give you is to go slowly. Because if you want to go too fast, you will above all succeed in injuring yourself. Result ? You risk finding yourself exempt from sport and there, your famous results, you will wait for them for a long time.

Even if it’s a cover? Yes, even if it’s a recovery, because your body will anyway need several weeks, even several months before returning to its level before stopping the sport. So, step by step! And if you need to challenge yourself, no problem, but go ahead with objectives that remain intermediate.

Doing sessions of 20 min, 30 minutes a day to have an athletic body, is it useful?

According to WHO recommendations: 30 minutes of physical activity a day is ideal for our health. But again, 5 minutes is always better than nothing!

To have an athletic body, in addition to regularity, it’s the activity you choose that will make the difference. The ideal is to mix a little cardio (running, cycling, walking, swimming…) with the regular practice of an activity focused on muscle building: bodybuilding, pilates, sheathing… Little by little small, depending on your progress and your goals, you can also add weights.

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Is it enough to exercise once a week?

Enough for what? Here it is, the real question. It all depends on your goals.

If what you are looking for above all is to feel good, yes, once a week is always better than 0 to treat yourself to a little bit of well-being and more broadly, a moment for yourself.

Above all, don’t feel guilty, the important thing is that you find your balance between your desires, your possibilities and what really makes you feel good.

To support you in your return to a sport, here are our best tips on the rhythm to adopt: how often to do sport to start?

Finally, if you are looking for physical results, try to gradually reach the rate of 3 sessions per week. Same thing when preparing for a competition or a sporting event, a program with more regular and structured sports sessions will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Sports and that’s it?

Hygiene is also very important. I’m not talking to you about giving up on cakes, aperitifs and what you like that ends in “o”, but rather about finding your balance to continue to please yourself while remaining attentive to your body and its needs.

Stay hydrated, sleep well and try as much as possible to build balanced plates and menus. Limit processed foods as much as possible and focus on real food: not only is it good for your body and your bidou, but especially for your mood!

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