Good consuming vegetable protein for bodybuilding.All you need to know

Proteins for bodybuilders .Do you practice bodybuilding while following a vegetarian / vegan diet and wonder if this will impact your results? Find out how to consume vegetable protein for bodybuilding.

What are proteins?

are considered to be the “building blocks” of the body. They are the building blocks of all living cells. Proteins are the building blocks and repair elements of the body. Proteins have an essential role: the growth and renewal of tissues.


For sedentary people, the recommended protein intake is 0.8 kg/day.
In athletes, muscle proteins have a very important function. Thus, for strength sports, the recommended dietary allowances (ANC) recommend a protein intake of 1 to 1.7 g / kg / day if the subject does not wish to increase his muscle mass and an intake of 2 to 2.5 g / kg / day for an increase in muscle mass.

Natural proteins are found in many foods: dairy products, meat, fish and eggs. These are proteins of animal origin.

In addition, there are also vegetable protein sources. These are found in different foods such as legumes, cereals, etc.

Animal proteins and vegetable proteins, what are the differences?

The body does not know how to synthesize essential amino acids. This translates into the obligation to have a balanced daily protein ration containing all the essential amino acids in suitable quantities.

On this point, animal proteins are much more interesting than vegetable proteins. Indeed, animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids while vegetable proteins are deficient.

In order to translate the amino acid balance of foods, a classification has been established. This is the “biological value” of proteins. The reference value is that of the egg, the value of which is equal to 100. The highest values include meat and fish (between 80 and 90) and plants in the lowest values (between 50 and 75).

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portable and vegetarian/vegan, is it compatible?

Sports Advice is the podcast that accompanies you in your sports practice, which helps you to start or resume sport, it is also the podcast which proves to you that physical activity is above all pleasure. !

In this podcast, we are addressing vegetarians, vegans, but also all those who wish to become one. Julie, expert in nutrition and sports coach, explains the difference between these two diets, and gives us some advice to adapt them well to our sports practice.

How to consume vegetable proteins for bodybuilding?

Thus, in order to overcome this deficit, a simple solution: always combine cereals and legumes. In fact, only quinoa and soy are sources of complete vegetable protein.
As a general rule, cereals are devoid of lysine and legumes, of methionine. These two amino acids are essential in bodybuilding, it is necessary to think of the association cereals and legumes to provide all the essential amino acids.

Example of association:

  • Lentils and rice
  • Semolina and chickpeas
  • Soy and rice
  • Oats and split peas

The whole supplemented with vegetables and the plate will be balanced in amino acids, fibers and vitamins. Other combinations are possible, including eggs and fried rice, or oatmeal and hazelnuts.

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